Prince ♪ Little Red Corvette

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Little Red Corvette is a song by Prince, in 1983. It is a sexual drive, with various allusions and references to American pop culture.

Prince, Little Red Corvette
I guess I shoulda known
By the way u parked your car sideways
That it wouldn't last

See you're the kinda person
That believes in makin' out once
Love'em and leave 'em fast

I guess I must be dumb
'cuz u had a pocket full of horses
Trojan and some of them used

But it was Saturday night
I guess that makes it all right
And u say what have I got 2 lose?
And honey I say

Little red corvette
Baby you're much 2 fast
Little red corvette
U need a love that's gonna last

I guess I shoulda closed my eyes
When u drove me 2 the place
Where your horses run free

'cuz I felt a little ill
When I saw all the pictures
Of the jockeys that were there before me

Believe it or not
I started to worry
I wondered if I had enough class

But it was Saturday night
I guess that makes it all right
And u say, baby, have u got enough gas?
Oh yeah


A body like yours
Oughta be in jail
'cuz it's on the verge of bein' obscene

Move over baby
Gimme the keys
I'm gonna try 2 tame your little red love machine


Little red corvette
Honey u got 2 slow down
Little red corvette
'cuz if u don't u gonna run your
Little red corvette right in the ground

(little red corvette)
Right down 2 the ground (honey u got 2 slow down)
U, u, u got 2 slow down (little red corvette)
You're movin' much 2 fast (2 fast)
U need 2 find a love that's gonna last

Girl, u got an ass like I never seen
And the ride…
I say the ride is so smooth
U must be a limousine

Baby you're much 2 fast
Little red corvette
U need a love, u need a love that's
That's gonna last
(little red corvette)
U got 2 slow down (u got 2 slow down)
Little red corvette

'cuz if u don't, 'cuz if u don't,
U gonna run your body right into the ground (right into the ground)
Right into the ground (right into the ground)
Right into the ground (right into the ground)

Little red corvette
sideways If you drive into a parking lot, and parked your car sideways. It certainly is going to get a lot attention, and it wouldn't last. “Parking”, also refers to petting, as teen couples use Parking as a teen-slang as in “we had to do some parking” as a opportune way to brag as a lateness execuse. Parking of a car is like mooring of a boat, a stance, a occupation of space. A hot chick who parks sideways, says so much. And sideway parking “won't last” because it is usually a quick stop, as one-night stands isn't a lasting love relationship.
Trojan “horses” brings to mind power, and animalistic, as we have Horse Power as a measure for Power. “Full of horses” here brings to mind Sexual Drive. “Trojan” is a popular brand name of condom. The name itself alludes to the Trojan Horse of Trojan War, which is war over a woman. Trojan Horse in Trojan War is a stratagem involving a wooden horse that is decisive in bringing down a castle under a siege, by tricking them to bring in and release hostile elements inside their own territory. For more about Trojan War in Greek Myth, see: A Love of Mythology of the Greeks
Saturday night In American culture, Saturday night is a night for rousing and partying, because it's not a work day, and one can party late because there's no work tomorrow.
corvette A Corvette is a American made sports car. Usually tiny. Cars are often a item of sexual power in cultural reference. As it is one of the most visible asset of a male's possessions. There's often the bigger is better imagery in American society, as Americans have obsessions with size. A red Corvette is something very exotic and delicate, inevitably in this context pointing to that of vagina. Cars, have elements of driving and keys. Driving itself connotes to manipulation or operation; controlling. And key is locked to the concept of lock, of something inserted into a hole. The possession of a key, indicates ownership or the ability to access. For more about Corvette, see: Chevrolet Corvette.
jockeys Jockeys means professional horse-riders. Horses, and the riding of it, are infinitely sexual. As there are colloquial phrases like “Riding a Pony”. Riding a horse is a act of skin contact and strenuous muscle activity.
class “Wondered if I had enough class”. In a sexual encounter, often there's some element of nervousness, because sex is the basic driving force of a couple's relationship. So, culturally we have phrases like “is he good in bed?” or “a lousy lay”.

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