Sheena Easton ♪ My Sugar Walls

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“Come spend the night inside my sugar walls”

Sheena Easton ♪ Sugar Walls

There's a song (1984) by Sheena Easton (born 1959) called My Sugar Walls . The lyrics of which goes as follows:

Where I come from there's a place called Heaven
That's a place where all the good children go
The houses are of silver, the streets are gold
But there's more where U come from my sugar walls

My sugar walls…

Blood races 2 your private spots
Lets me know there's a fire
U can't fight passion when passion is hot
Temperatures rise inside my sugar walls

Let me take U somewhere U never been
I can show U things U never seen
I can make U never wanna fall in love again
Come spend the night inside my sugar walls

Take advantage, it's alright
I feel so alive when I'm with U
Come and feel my presence, it's reigning 2night
Heaven on earth inside my sugar walls


I can tell U want me
It's impossible 2 hide
Your body's on fire, admit it
Come inside

My sugar walls
Come inside my sugar walls
Come spend the night inside my sugar walls

How shall we interpret this piece of lyrics? sweet? sticky? or is it slippery?

In the prologue, we were told there's a place better than heaven, and it's her “sugar walls”. Sugar's sweet, a wall of it's gotta be very sweet, and she possesses it.

“blood rushes to your private spots”! How biological! I know blood flows in my flesh, and she says now blood rushes to parts of it, with passion, and its useless to fight it. And now the notion of physics of temperature, is reaching a high degree, insider this sugar walls of hers. What could this sugar wall be, where there's a inside and can get hot?

She can take you somewhere you've never been! And show you things you've never seen! Imagine that power! I've toured mountains and crossed rivers, and have seen the world's gorges and even tasted its waters, but this sugar walls she possesses is of such a compelling exigency that i'm doomed to spend the night inside of it!

“Take advantage” of it, and feel her presence. “Heaven on earth” inside her sugar walls! I shudder without control, to have been reduced to a mere blood-engorged flesh, between this sugar walls of hers, of which i've never seen and never been into. Her sugar walls! Sugar walls! I'm gonna come inside her sugar walls!

The song is written by Prince using the pseudonym “Alexander Nevermind”. Fascinating.

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