Prince ♪ 1999

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here's Prince's 1999, music video. So funky.

Prince 1999
prince 1999
Prince 1999

around 1988, i have bought ALL prince's CDs.

The best Prince's Album, is still Purple Rain, and Around the World in a Day. [see Prince ♪ Pop Life]

here's some of the lesser known songs from Purple Rain Prince ♪ I Would Die 4 U

If there's a person outside a handful in academia that had influence on my life, it is Prince. By his genius, and idiosyncrasy, and spite of convention.

Prince, i would say, i understand him. Somehow i feel a affinity with him, or his personality (when i was a teen.). His songs, every word, i understand where they come from.

but i haven't followed Prince or much of pop music after 1990.

Prince has become more and more weird, more and more asshole, in a unpleasant way. And i don't think he did much to wide applause after 1990. Some people at top of the world become a mystic tied to religion. In one of the interview on youtube, Prince even talks about chemtrails. (a conspiracy theory that says the white smoke trails left by airplanes you see in sky is spreading some chemicals with sinister purposes done by government.)

when you see on TV, some famous people behaves strangely, you have to wonder, if they genuinely are born that way, or they are intentionally putting on a air.

i think, most of the time, it's intentional to a large degree. With Prince, am sure he intentionally added abnormal elements, and the thing is, “i'm at the top of the world. You can believe a intangible god, or believe me.”.

Prince is quiet stringent in bann'ing his music appearing on the internet without permission. He supports artists, supports copyright. One might think this is great, but not exactly. His behavior with copyright stuff is overboard, you wonder if he's really for artist or just being the biggest asshole in the universe. He actively ban fan websites, photo of him by fans, or, legally fairuse such as someone on youtube using Prince song in a dance session etc.

but since he died yesterday, there's certain surge of freedom. His music, from 0 presence on the internet, is springing up really fast all over. But since yesterday, many are taken down already on youtube.

Prince, Purple Rain

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