Prince ♪ Pop Life

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Pop Life, that's how life is. Which character are you? the preacher? the clown? the pessimist? the serious? a dove?

Prince, Pop Life
Pop Life

What's the matter with your life
Is the poverty bringing U down?
Is the mailman jerking U 'round?
Did he put your million dollar check
In someone else's box?

Tell me, what's the matter with your world
Was it a boy when U wanted a girl? (Boy when u wanted a girl)
Don't U know straight hair ain't got no curl (No curl)
Life it ain't real funky
Unless it's got that pop
Dig it

Pop life
Everybody needs a thrill
Pop life
We all got a space 2 fill
Pop life
Everybody can't be on top
But life it ain't real funky
Unless it's got that pop
Dig it

Tell me, what's that underneath your hair?
Is there anybody living there? (Anybody living there)
U can't get over, if U say U just don't care (Don't care)
Show me a boy who stays in school
And I'll show U a boy aware!
Dig it
prince pop life album artwork 86447
Prince, “Pop Life” artwork. Cover art for “around the world in a day” Album.
prince pop life album artwork 16178
back cover, the left side.

Prince, Around the World in a Day

all songs on this album are fantastic.

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