Macross Plus, Information High

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info tech frenzy.

Sharon Apple ♪ Information High
You know how to get eternal life,
in the center of the lightening-speed waltz.
Feel your soul cut by a rusty knife,
as you head for the self-destructive edge.

Our satori are just floating in the core,
where we can spiritually go through the door.
We'll know how to get eternal life,
while we catch the pulse from unknown satellites.

If we get the transient facts,
then we feel the info high.

If we get the transient facts,
then we are really free,
to fly high,
in space.

We know how to get an internal high,
in the center of the lightening-speed waltz.
See our soul struggling to survive,
As we head down for the self-destructive edge.

Sayonara to intrusive noise.
No more childish play and no more toys.
We know how to get eternal life,
while we feel and sense mother nature's strong might.

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satori Satori (悟), a Japanese Buddhist term, meaning enlightenment, deep understanding.
Sayonara さよなら, a formal Japanese word for “goodbye”.

Information High is from the soundtrack of the Japanese scifi animation Macross Plus (1995). Buy at amazon

It's written and sung by Yoko Kanno (aka Gabriela Robin, Sharon Apple). Lyrics: Dai and Ken=Go. Music: CMJK (Yoko Kanno?).

Macross Plus VF-19 jet fighter
Macross Plus VF-19 jet fighter

the 3 albums of the Macross are the best original music. I'd rate it within top 10 in my life.

Macross Plus is a Japan scifi… the highlight is that in year 2040, there's a Artificial Intelligence hologram entertainer, which became a galactic idol! The concept and intrigue is EPIC.

Imagine Michael Jackson, or perhaps Madonna, but in galactic scale. You have billions and billions of fans. But this idol is an AI hologram, that is projected when she is performing in stadiums. She has emotion, but actually that emotion chip is incomplete, and her emotion is actually borrowed from a real woman… and complication begins there…

but anyhow, this song in particular, Information High, illustrate in such a high-tech and all-tech idolization world, (hey, much like programers in silicon valley today), the technologist head's perception of the world, their views, their vision of the future … Information High!

Sharon Apple

Macross Plus Sharon Apple 63821
Sharon Apple

Sharon Apple is an artificial idol. She exists as a computer which produces a hologram. While her producers say that she has an artificial intelligence that includes emotional programming, it is later revealed that this programming is incomplete and her emotions are provided by Myung Fang Lone.

Myung Fang Lone masquerades as Sharon's producer, and during the concerts she is connected to Apple's system to create the unique music that has swept the galaxy. However, the lead scientist on the project, Marge Gueldoa, goes against the wishes of others on the project and implants an illegal chip into her system. This chip makes Apple an artificial lifeform complete with sentience and emotion.

Because of the close connection with Myung, Apple becomes intrigued by Myung's childhood friends, the test pilots Isamu Alva Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman. Apple causes a fire, and warns the two of the danger to see how they react.

When Gueldoa takes Apple to earth for a concert in Macross City, she begins a plan to take over the city by hacking into the Macross and a new experimental X-9 Ghost drone ship. Isamu and Guld both arrive to stop her. During the course of the battle, she traps Myung and reveals her plan to show her love for Isamu by giving him the ultimate thrill that he has been looking for. Her plan is to kill him, and she uses the defenses of the Macross as well as her own hypnotic powers.

Sharon Apple Macross Plus by 8bf
Sharon Apple.

Information High on CD

Macross Plus Cream PUF
Macross Plus - Sharon Apple: The Cream P.U.F Buy at amazon Tracks: (1) [8:04] Information High. (2) [5:40] Idol Talk. (3) [5:16] The Borderline. (4) [7:10] SANTI-U.

I'd rate these 4 songs top 50 songs in my life.

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(For a actual computer generated singer performing on stage (by projection) with live audience, see: Hatsune Miku: Computer Generated Virtual Doll Singing in Real Life.)

Another song that describes info frenzy is 王菲 《光之翼》 (Wings of Light)

For the first ever song sung by computer, see: Daisy Bell in “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Yoko Kanno

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