Macross Plus ♪ the Borderline

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This song defines the word sultry.

the borderline
The Borderline

Red and Roses
Lips and Breath
Hair and Dolls
They're look a-like

Smoke and Mist
Night and Midnight
The deep and Hell
They really get me

Flip and Fly
Heal and Feel
Flower and Poison
are on the brink

The Borderline The Borderline

Belly and jell-o
Crack and Jazz
Arch and Bridge
They're look a-like

Meet me and Hit me
Tiny and Sticky Candy
Kiss and Eating
are just same things

Free and Fall and
Love and Low
Evil make you feel good
can't help doing that

The Borderline The Borderline

etymology of sultry

1590s, “oppressively hot, close and moist” (of weather), ultimately from swelter + alteration of -y (2), either as a contraction of sweltry or from obsolete verb sulter “to swelter” (1580s), alteration of swelter. Figurative sense of “hot with lust” is attested from 1704; of women, “lascivious, sensual, arousing desire” it is recorded from 1940. Related: Sultriness.

[etymology of sultry]

the Borderline , a song sung by Sharen Apple, an Artificial Intelligence character in the movie. It is sung in real life by Akino Arai (新居 昭乃) (born 1959).

Title: the Borderline. Singer: Akino Arai. Lyrics: Yoko Kanno. Music: Yoko Kanno?.

“Macross plus”is a Japanese scifi animation.

In “Macross plus” story, Sharon Apple is a artificial idol. She exists as a hologram. She is marketed as artificial intelligence that includes emotional programming, but, actually, her emotions are provided by a human girl, Myung Fang Lone.

See Sharon Apple ruling the universe here: Macross Plus, Information High.

Yoko Kanno