Macross Plus, Voices

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Macross Plus “Voices”, shortened English version, with original animation.
Macross Plus “Voices”, full English version
The first word in my dreams
I could clearly see
Planet Eden high beyond the skies

Beautiful and sad is this story I'll tell
of the winged travelers eager
'twas one day the wind guided him where to go
like an eagle high above he flew

Waving from down below he flew out of sight
into the mystical darkness

Neither a smile nor a cry I gave when he left
feeling my spleen decline
And hoping one day we'd fly over
back to the places we once shared

Where vessels glide in silky waves and of gold
deep in the gulf such planet lies
Surrounded by this universe of love and hate
confusion breaks through and dwells.

Cast a spell, from the old magic book.
Set a path, in the black magic box,
something strange will happen,
it will take you so far.
So try…

We can fly, we have wings,
we can touch floating dreams.
Call me from so far
through the wind
in the light.

Someone came from the dark over from the stars.
Protecting my heart from crying.
Taken back by surprise my traveler returned.
What went wrong? Why did he change?

Original Japanese Version

Macross Plus “Voices”
Macros Plus, “Voices” Lyrics

Hitotsume no kotoba wa yume
nemuri no naka kara
mune no oku no kurayami wo sotto
tsuredasu no

futatsume no kotoba wa kaze
yukute wo oshiete
kamisama no ude no naka e
tsubasa wo aoru no

tokete itta kanashii koto wo
kazoeru you ni
kin'iro no ringo ga
mata hitotsu ochiru

mita koto mo nai fuukei
soko ga kaeru basho
tatta hitotsu no inochi ni
tadoritsuku basho

furui mahou no hon
tsuki no shizuku yoru no tobari
itsuka aeru yokan dake

we can fly
we have wings
we can touch floating dreams
call me from so far
through the wind
in the light

mittsume no kotoba wa hum ..
mimi wo sumashitara
anata no furueru ude wo
sotto tokihanatsu
Macros Plus, “Voices” Lyrics

The first word was "dream"
From the middle of sleep
Which secretly accompanies
The darkness in my heart

 The second word was "wind"
Directing my journey
From God's arms,
Fanning wings

 As if counting
the melting sorrows,
Yet another golden
apple fell

 Not even looking at the scenery,
There is the place you're going
With merely a single life,
You struggle to reach that place

 An old magic book;
moondrops; the curtain of night--
Only a premonition of meeting someday

 We can fly
We have wings
We can touch floating dreams
Call me from so far
Through the wind
In the light

 The third word was “hum”.
Caught by straining ears
As I softly release
Your trembling arms

[English Translation]
[ by Bishounen no Miko ]

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