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The last war FOR ALL.


Moon sung by Origa. (live performance for Turn-A Gundam Concert.)
Moon from Turn A Gundam, sung by Yoko Kanno
Turn A Gundam  moonrace Gym Guinghnam vs Dianna Soriel

Turn A Gundam

Turn A Gundam (Japanese: ∀(ターンエー)ガンダム Hepburn: Tān Ē Gandamu?) is a 1999 Japanese Mecha anime series.

“Moon” is a song from the animation Turn A Gundam, 1999.

Lyrics and Music written by Yoko Kanno (菅野 洋子; 菅野よう子 ) (aka Gabriela Robin), and sung by Origa or Yoko Kanno.

Origa (Olga Vitalevna Yakovleva) (born 1970, died 2015) is a Russian singer, works mostly in Japan. She's a long-time friend of Yoko Kanno. She performed many songs written by Yoko Kanno. [Wikipedia Origa]

Turn A Gundam Story

Turn A Gundam 57782
Turn A Gundam wall paper. The girls are Dianna Soriel -- queen of moonrace, and her lookalike earthling Kihel Heim.

In human animals, females, are intimate together, bond and forming a pack. Colloquially, we can see it thru the girlish phrase “best friends”.

Human Males, typically live alone. Once left mom's breasts, he will never experience intimacy again, except sexual love.

You can see around you, girls hugging, face together beaming in photographs, all over. Rarely, you'll see males like that.

Turn A Gundam Loran Cehack 00017
protagonist Loran Cehack of moonrace.

Now back to Gundam story. Year 2345, human long left earth, lived on moon, called moon race.

Moon race wondered if earth is livable now. They sent a scout Loran to North America to see.

Loran met earthling family Heim, and he became attached to earthlings. Kihel Heim is that girl, the daughter.

Loran reports that earth is livable again. To Loran's surprise, the moon race queen meant to take over by force.

Thus way the drama began. By the way, moon race queen, Dianna Soriel, happens to look just like earthling Kihel Heim.

Anime Ending

∀ガンダム - Ending (月の繭 Moon's Cocoon)

Live Performances

“Moon” live, sung by Origa, conductor is Yoko Kanno.
Yoko Kanno singing - “Moon” at Cho-jiku-tanabata Sonic concert, . (Super SpaceTime Tanabata Sonic Live) (Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts)

This performance by Yoko at Cho-jiku-tanabata Sonic concert is significant. Because, the singer of many of Yoko's songs in past 2 decade are credited to a mysterious Gabriela Robin. Fans long suspected that Gabriela is Yoko, but Yoko always sidestepped it. (Yoko herself doesn't sing on stage) This is the first time she implicitly announced that she is Gabriela by sining a song she composed but is performed by “Gabriela”.


E mi et le escontina
O plenitas o colindia

Mi mortis sicle ha juus costro
Mawe poco entalius

E mi et le di fenité
Gledis clant o pledistiant

Enti lai viginsé lescayan
Mawe poco es vienticlo

Taan ma taan la la la, la la lu
Plaute tai mi fai o gunema
(mundiana mundiana)

Taan les tai la la la, la la lu
Morie taan mi fai es volta

▲1 ▲2 ▲5 ▲6

Taan ma tai la la la, la la lu
Plaute taan mi fai o co …

Mi mo …
Tra taan …

As with many of Yoko Kanno's songs, the lyrics is meaningless vocalizations, not of any language.

Moon's Cocoon (月の繭; Tsuki no Mayu)

“Moon's Cocoon” (月の繭; aka “Tsuki no Mayu”) is the same tune but with actual Japanese lyrics.

月の繭 (Moon's Cocoon)
山の端 月は満ち
青にLalalu Lalalu染まる、恋しい繭玉

風にLalalu Lalalu唄え、はねに月うつし

青にLalalu Lalalu染まる、恋しい繭玉

See also: Unicode Semantics: the ∀ in Turn A Gundam

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