Xah Music Blog Archive 2014-01

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Just The Right Amount of Wrong

Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element

謝金燕 《姐姐》 (Sister)

Dr Strangelove. War. Vera Lynn “We'll Meet Again”

Piano: Amen the Awakening

王菲 《光之翼》 (Wings of Light)

DJ Sharpnel ♪ Blue Army (Dance Dance Revolution)

Smile.dk - Butterfly (Dance Dance Revolution)

I'm hot as a fire burning bright I feel as empty as air.
Distractions and spirit find me floating in a magnetic sea.

revisiting Blondie ♪ Magic

Japanese Folk Song ♪ Asadoya Yunta

Do nations go to war over woman? Sure. Men do. In highschool, in tribes, in kingdoms, gangsters. Sheena Easton ♪ Strut

Dreary, dismal, depressing -- small. Portishead ♪ Small

VNV Nation ♪ Illusion

Mozart's Turkish March on Drugs

“Nights in White Satin” for a nice Sunday. Cuz i ♥ u. Yes i ♥ u. O how i ♥ u.

Radiohead ♪ Creep (updated)

body language explained. Observe their looking and observation. Anya Marina ♪ Whatever You Like, Gossip Girl

Portishead ♪ Roads

those who enjoy abusive lover, the question is, to leave or not to leave? Portishead ♪ The Rip

Elfen Lied ♪ Lilium

黄鶯鶯 《哭沙》 (Weeping Sand)

美少女战士 《月光舞曲》 Sailor Moon Theme Song, Chinese Version

美少女战士 《月光舞曲》 Sailor Moon Theme Song, Japanese Version

Chiptune, Fugue, Pure Music

US National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner (major update)

the meaning of life: Röyksopp ♪ Remind Me

ABBA ♪ Fernando

孟庭葦 《你看你看月亮的臉》 (look! the moon's face)

the blushing rose shyly blooms,
little by little emitting her feelings for me.
the hand of spring reads her anticipation,
i dithered over whether to pick.

孟庭苇 《羞答答的玫瑰静悄悄的开》 (Blushing Rose Shyly Blooms)

“Feel your soul cut by a rusty knife, as you head for the self-destructive edge.” Macross Plus, Information High

Augustness, Austerity, Pain and Suffering: 4 Piano Pieces to Die For (repost)

A rapture in pain. “Cry boy, cry, cry boy, cry, cry boy” Bronski Beat ♪ Smalltown Boy

“A Real Hero”, Movie “Drive”

鄧麗君 《胭脂泪》 (Rouge Tears)

A grassroots story of men and women. A eternal classic. Be sure to check the ending seqence, starting at 3:00. A kinda philosophical gesture. Black Eyed Peas ♪ My Humps

Portishead ♪ Glory Box

孟庭苇 《谁的眼泪在飞》 Whose Fleet of Tears

James Brown ♪ It's a Man's World

美少女战士 《月光舞曲》 Sailor Moon Theme Song

“绿草苍苍,白雾茫茫,有位佳人,在水一方。绿草萋萋,白雾迷离,有位佳人,靠水而居。” 鄧麗君 《在水一方》 (the Girl Yonder)

色 戒. 天涯歌女 Lust, Caution. The Wandering Songstress. Can You Trust Women?

未識綺羅香 (A Poor Girl)

葉蒨文 《晚风》 (Night Breeze)

Nicki Minaj ♪ Lookin Ass

Macross Plus, Pulse

鄧麗君 《晶晶》 (Teresa Teng, Jing Jing)

Visions of swastikas in my head, Plans for everyone. David Bowie ♪ China Girl

Portishead ♪ Machine Gun

《初恋女》 (Maiden Love)

The Swordsman 滄海一聲笑 (updated)

周杰倫 《三年二班》 Class Ping Pong

Eurythmics ♪ King and Queen of America

《痴痴的等》 (I Wait For You)

Ol' Dirty Bastard ♪ Got Your Money

林子祥 葉蒨文 《乾一杯》 (A Toast to Friendship)

the last war ∀ FOR ALL. EPIC❗ Yoko Kanno ♪ Moon (Gundam)

ABBA ♪ Dancing Queen (updated)

“an endless wave of affection, undulates like the waters of summer. It arrived at your side, have you felt it? If you need the nourishment of love, hesitate no more.” 周璇 《诉衷情》 (Grievances of Love)


Snake River Conspiracy ♪ You And Your Friend

Mono ♪ Ingénue

sunday pessimism rapture

I'm a fountain of blood, in the shape of a girl. you're bird on the brim, hypnotized by the whirl. Björk ♪ Bachelorette

the word “unamerican” is American. David Bowie ♪ Young Americans

how to impress a girl? Radiohead ♪ Creep

real human race “A Real Hero”, Movie “Drive”

Opened the doorway and saw through the light. Motions of movement and I felt delight. then, it's metal in my mouth. Portishead ♪ Small

Björk ♪ Bachelorette (updated)

“I'm hot as a fire burning bright I feel as empty as air” Blondie ♪ Magic

Faye Wong - Eyes on Me, Final Fantasy VIII (updated)

黄鶯鶯 《哭沙》 (Weeping Sand) (updated again)

Adele ♪ Rolling in the Deep (updated)

finding a mate, the most pesky problem after security. Here's the origin of “all men are rapists”. ABBA ♪ The Day Before You Came

鄧麗君 《胭脂泪》 (Rouge Tears) (updated)

Joey Dyser ♪ 100 Years (updated)

Rihanna ♪ Stay

Ol' Dirty Bastard ♪ Got Your Money

Rihanna ♪ S and M

Piano: “High Hopes” Pink Floyd

US National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner (video updated)

The Grandmaster, Bagua Palm. 一代宗師,八卦掌

蕭孋珠 《詩意》 (Poetic Yearning)

Sound of a siren. 黄鶯鶯 《哭沙》 (Weeping Sand)

Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element (included music sheet)

House of Flying Daggers - “The Beauty Song” (十面埋伏 《佳人歌》)

A brainless wonder. ♥ ♥ ♥ Peaches ♪ Fuck the Pain Away

“i hope that it's a beautiful woman, with endowments, you'll never possess.” - “Interview With the Vampire” See Classical Piano Music In Movies

Murray Head ♪ One Night in Bangkok

Dusty Springfield ♪ the Windmills of Your Mind