Portishead ♪ The Rip

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those who enjoy abusive lover, the question is, to leave or not to leave?

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The song is written by band members Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons, Adrian Utley. Beth is the singer.

As she walks in the room,
Scented and tall.
Hesitating once more.
And as I take on myself,
And the bitterness I felt,
I realise that love flows.

Wild, white horses,
They will take me away.
And the tenderness I feel,
Will send the dark underneath.
Will I follow?

Through the glory of life,
I will scatter on the floor,
Disappointed and sore.
And in my thoughts I have bled,
For the riddles I've been fed,
Another lie moves over.

Mull over the lyrics. The song, as i discovered this week with Sleeves Rhode, has personal meanings.

So, i was chatting with Sleeves, a girl i imagined to be my love, who is unwilling or unable. We've kinda dated, spent about 4 hours or so daily chatting in Second Life for the past about 2 or 3 years.

Among our love, is Portishead's songs, in particular, we love Roads and Wandering Stars. She's kinda mentally unstable. For example, she told me that when she was teen, she committed suicide (unsuccessfully) while listened to the song Roads and Gloomy Sunday repeatedly for days.

She has disappeared without a word about 6 months ago (which she is wont to do), and just re-appeared again recently, and she's been very receptive and nice to me.

The problem with our relationship is that, now and then she stings. The lyrics of this song describes my quandary.

According to itune, i've been listening to this song 205 times since yesterday's discovery.

You can see a picture of me and Sleeves in sl: Math, Sleeves and Xah in Second Life .

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