Feint ♪ Vagrant

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
Feint ♪ Vagrant (ft. Veela)
There's a reason she's alone
You can't pin her down
Because no one needs her home
Or needs her around, she says
“There's beauty in the hills
A chip in the sky
So don't be sad because I roam
It keeps me alive.”

To impress her - it's too damn hard
To stay loyal without going too far
If I see her again promise I won't

She wasn't back tonight
And I don't know about you
My money's on the night
It takes her away like I do
My charm is twinkling out of her eyes
Of her eyes

She will never grow old
Or change her mind
She'll talk about it later on
From seeing sights
There's something wonderful and odd
About the escape
and While you want them to be gone
You want them to stay

To impress her it's just so damn hard
I want her back, please don't go too far
If I see her again promise I won't

She doesn't come back much
No one misses her like I do
I hope she's having fun
Doing what she wants to
And send a postcard or two from the sights

To impress her is just too damn hard
And I want her back but she's gone too far
If I see her again, promise I won't

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