Blonde Redhead - For The Damaged Coda

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The eerie phantom female wail. Rick and Morty gave us the darkest songs. “For The Damaged Coda”.

And, your ears are attuned to female cry thousands miles away. It's wired in your meat shell i cannot turn off.

For the Damaged Coda

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For The Damaged

Blonde Redhead For The Damaged Buy at amazon
 “For The Damaged”

Maybe again
He will be alone
Guess we're equally damaged
Find your name
Do it all the same equally
Signal when you can't breathe no more

Say you were me
Then you could see the view
You'll know we are equally damaged
Don't be a fool, make it easier
You'll learn to say when
Signal if you can't say, “no more”

Don't cross your finger
Sundays will never change
They keep on coming
You'll be a freak
And I'll keep you company…

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