China Meme jiafei 野花香 (Scent of Wild Flowers)

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China Meme jiafei

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野花香 Scent of Wild Flowers, the Song

Scent of Wild Flowers 野花香 (DJ何鹏版) 莫斯满 老猫


野野野 野花香
野野野 野花香

每次都想装作 很倔强
但是见面自己却 缴械投降
因为爱你 我一如既往

你的炽热 我无法设防
还总是让我 心花怒放
幸亏我拥有 爱的力量
愿意陪你 满世界疯狂

请你呀 来到 我的身旁
让我的 心呀 不再流浪
唱歌跳舞 我们一醉到天亮
醒来已是满地 野花香

请你呀 来到 我的身旁
让我呀 为你 卸下行装
今夜我就是 你最美的新娘
醉在这一地 野花香

RAP:野花香 野花香
这地方真美 鸟语花香
缘分带我流浪 到这个地方
美丽的姑娘 爱情芬芳
野花香 野花香
我们追逐梦想 离开故乡
温暖的怀抱 醉倒在你身旁
Wild wild wild flowers scent
Wild wild wild flowers scent

Every time I pretend to be tough
but i crash completely when we meet
Because I love you, I always do
No amount of pressure can stop it

Your blazing heat I can't defend
It always makes me giddy
Thankfully, I have the power of love
To dash with you around the world

Please please come to me
Stop my heart from roaming
Singing and dancing let's drink all night
It's wild flowers blooming all over the morning after

Please please come to me
Let me unwrap your gears
Tonight I am your prettiest bride
Soaking in the scent of wild flowers

RAP: Wild Flowers bloom, Wild Flowers bloom
This place is beautiful, birds sings, flowers bloom
fortuity took me here
girls are pretty, love in the air
Wild Flowers bloom, Wild Flowers bloom
We chase dreams and left our town
Warm embraces, Drunken into you
heaven is where you are

English translation by Xah Lee

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