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chin chen hanji, is a meme of china, it began by a video of a china grandpa teaching her grand daughter singing peking opera.

the grandpa is Kang Wansheng (康万生), a peking opera star.

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Tom Ching Cheng Hanji, but 4K 60fps
Sep 13, 2020
Chinese Grandpa x The Kiffness - Chin Cheng Hanji | 鍘美案 (Live Looping Peking Opera Remix)
Jan 21, 2022
The Kiffness

here's a clip of the opera play.

here's the full play.

20150815 空中剧院 CCTV纪念裘盛戎诞辰100周年京剧折子戏专场 京剧铡美案
Aug 15, 2015
1:02:40 / 1:38:30
京剧《铡美案》 2/2 来自 《CCTV空中剧院》 20180908 | CCTV戏曲
Sep 8, 2018

Chen Shimei and Qin Xianglian

Chen Shimei is a Chinese opera character and a byword in China for a heartless and unfaithful man. He was married to Qin Xianglian, also translated as Fragrant Lotus.[1] Chen Shimei betrayed Qin Xianglian by marrying another woman, and tried to kill her to cover up his past. This fictional couple are also popular in legends.

The story of Beijing opera “Mei's Beheading Case” (铡美案):

In the Song Dynasty, Chen Shimei (陈世美) was a poor scholar studying for the imperial examinations. Chen Shimei was married to Qin Xianglian (秦香蓮), who took care of him, his parents, and their children so Chen Shimei had time to study. When the time for the examinations came, Shimei went to the capital to take them, leaving Xianglian and their children behind. He did not return. In the meantime, a famine hit the country and killed their parents. With nothing left in the countryside, Xianglian and the children traveled to the capital to look for Shimei.

It turned out that Shimei had placed first in the examinations and had been awarded an official post as a result. The Emperor favored him, and offered to marry his sister to Shimei. Although Shimei was already married, he coveted wealth and power; he kept his previous marriage a secret and married the princess, hoping to forget about Xianglian and their children. This put Shimei in a bind when Xianglian came to the capital to look for him. Still, aware that his position was in danger plus that he had lied to the Emperor to marry the princess, Shimei not only claimed to not know Xianglian and their children, but also secretly ordered his bodyguard Han Qi (韩琪) to murder them.

Han Qi cornered Xianglian outside the capital. However, when Xianglian begged Han Qi to raise her children after her death, Han Qi could not bring himself to kill them. Caught between his conscience and duty, Han Qi committed suicide in Sanguantang (三官堂). After burying Han Qi, Xianglian then approached Bao Zheng to force Shimei to recognize her. Bao Zheng sent a subordinate to Shimei and Xianglian's hometown, verifying Xianglian's story. He then planned to have Xianglian confront Shimei in court, and tried to give Shimei another chance to recognize Xianglian as his first wife, for their children's sake. Instead, Shimei again denied knowing Xianglian. When Shimei denied sending an assassin to kill Xianglian as well, Xianglian proved that Shimei was lying by showing the court Han Qi's sword. Bao Zheng convicted Shimei for attempted murder and for lying to the Emperor, the punishment for which was death.

When the princess heard of the impending execution, she was aggrieved that Shimei had lied to her, but also did not want to become a widow. Therefore, she went with her mother, the Empress Dowager, to pressure Bao Zheng to stop the execution. Bao Zheng refused. However, when the Emperor issued an edict pardoning Shimei, Bao Zheng was left with no choice but to obey. Lamenting that justice would not be served, he offered Xianglian some money and planned to resign from office. Xianglian refused the gift, crying so hard about how the officials were shielding each other that she fainted. Ordering his subordinates to help Xianglian, Bao Zheng indignantly resolved to proceed with the execution in spite of the edict. When the Empress Dowager pointed out that the penalty for defying an imperial edict was also death, Bao Zheng took off his official headwear and declared that Shimei should be executed first before himself. Shimei was executed. Afterwards, peasants throughout the country gave Bao Zheng the honorific "Justice Bao" (包青天).

After the foundation of the People's Republic of China, Changchun Film Studio (長春電影製片廠) produced the colorful opera film “Qin Xianglian” in 1964 to preserve the stagecraft of Beijing opera performers such as Zhang Junqiu (張君秋), Ma Lianliang (馬連良), Li Duokui (李多奎) and Qiu Shengrong (裘盛戎).






The Case of Chen Shimei

根據明代《包公案百家公案》和清代《三俠五義》及其續書《續七俠五義》改編的戲曲《鍘美案》又名《秦香蓮》 [1] ,這是包公故事裏一個很有名的段落,講述了陳世美家境貧寒與妻子秦香蓮恩愛和諧,十年苦讀的陳世美進京趕考,中狀元后被宋仁宗招為駙馬。秦香蓮久無陳世美音訊,攜子上京尋夫,但陳世美不肯與其相認,並派韓琪半夜追殺。韓琪不忍下手只好自盡以求義,秦香蓮反被誤為兇手入獄。在陳世美的授意下,秦香蓮被髮配邊疆,半途中官差奉命殺她,幸為展昭所救。展昭至陳世美家鄉尋得人證祺家夫婦,半途上祺大娘死於殺手刀下,包拯找得人證物證,欲定駙馬之罪,公主與太后皆趕至阻擋,但包拯終將陳世美送上龍頭鍘。




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