Hard in Tango ♪ This is My DJ

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Hard in Tango, This is My DJ
My love is true, music and you 
Easy to see, listen to me. 
Moving along, singing this song 
Playing for me, a smile's what you need 

Crowd starts to move (It's clear) 
Seeing them groove (I hear) 
You start to play 
And the night is ours forever 

Lost in this room (I Know) 
Speakers go boom (And grow) 
Pounding the floor 
All the people join together 

This is my dj, please 
Everybody hear the music 
This is my dj (my dj) 
Everybody love the music

I feel the rhythm 
I can feel it in your heart 
I feel the rhythm 
Just one touch 

Spirits are high, music is loud 
You are my man, that's make me proud 
Begging for more, total control 
This is your throne, the dj consol 


I can feel the rhythm in your heart 
Just one touch, I hear it's beating 
And no one else can see 
Our loving kisses meeting
this is my dj
“This is my DJ” Hard in Tango, This is My DJ

This song is played in the movie Honey (2003), starring Jessica Alba. Though, it doesn't seem to be in the soundtrack. Also, i can't find much info about the group “Hard in Tango”.

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