Andain ♪ Beautiful Things

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My dearly beloved Englishers; It is, Lyrics Appreciation Time!

In the past months, i have this dance song called Beautiful Things in my computer by happenstance. It was passed to me from my brother, and the file name is just Track 04, i did not know the song's name. It is a lovely dance song. I love dance music in general, because of its nature of brainless frenzy -- soothing to my complicated philosophical brain. This dance pop, is particularly soothing because of the girl's voice. The female singer has a typical Californian girl accent, and i love this English accent among all vocal habits.

Andain, Beautiful Things

Usually, i don't particularly notice what songs are singing about asides from fragments of memorable phrases, unless i pay attention. Today, as i was listening to this song, i paid attention, and checked out what this song is singing about.

O, Beautiful Things!

Got up early, found something's missing
my only name.
No one else sees but I got stuck,
and soon forever came.
Stopped pushing on for just a second,
then nothing's changed.
Who am I this time, where's my name
I guess it crept away.

No one's calling for me at the door.
And unpredictable won't bother anymore.
And silently gets harder to ignore.

I forgot that I might see,
So many beautiful things.

I forgot that I might need,
to find out what life could bring.

Take this happy ending away, it's all the same.
God won't waste this simplicity on possibility.
Get me up, wake me up, dreams are filling
this trace of blame.
Frozen still I thought I could stop,
now who's gonna wait.

look straight ahead, there's nothing left to see.
what's done is done, this life has got it's hold on me.
just let it go, what now can never be.

Now what do I do
can I change my mind
did I think things through

It was once my life -- it was my life at one time.

What lyrics, what tranquility, what outlook, and the yearning in between the lines.

So many beautiful things…

beautiful things andain
Andain, Beautiful Things

This song is sung by Mavie Marcos, of group Andain, released in 2003.

The song is written by Josh Gabriel, Mavie Marcos, David Penner.