The Last Kind Word Blues

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the country girls 1927-1935 2z5kx
Geechie Wiley ♪ The Last Kind Word Blues. Year 1930.
The last kind word I heard my daddy say
Lord the last kind word I heard my daddy say

If I die, if I die in the German War
I want you to send my body, send it to my mother-in-law

If I get killed, if I get killed, please don't bury my soul
I (p'fer) just leave me out, let the buzzards eat me whole

When you see me comin', look 'cross the rich man's field
If I don't bring you flour, I'll bring you bolted meal

I went to the depot, I looked up at the sign
Cry some train don't come, there'll be some walkin' done

My momma told me, just before she died
Lord, (since the dawn, I thought you'd be so wise?)
(Oh precious daughter, don't you be so wise)

The Mississippi River, you know it's deep and wide
I can stand right here, see my (babe?) (face?) from the other side

What you do to me baby, it never gets out of me
I mean I'll see you, after I cross the deep blue sea

This song is made famous by a biographical film “Crumb”, of the famous underground comic artist Crumb.

Robert Crumb  remember everybody needs love
and remember, everybody needs love

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