Eurythmics ♪ I Need A Man

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

It's hard to find a man these days, but, you can get a fireman.

'tis of the age
of Gender Feminists
hitting the American stage
questioning she and he
extols the queer and weird
and axing the womanly and manly
upon a glittering postmodernity

 -- Xah Lee, 2004-04
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year 1987

music video is directed by Sophie Muller.

 Hey, is this my turn?
 You want me to sing now?

I don't care if you won't talk to me
You know I'm not that kind of girl
And I don't care if you won't walk with me
It don't give me such a thrill

And I don't care about the way you look
You should know I'm not impressed
'Cause there's just one thing that I'm looking for
And he don't wear a dress

I need a man …

Baby, baby, baby don't you shave your legs
Don't you double comb your hair
Don't powder puff just leave it rough
I like your fingers bare

When the night comes down
I can turn it round, I can take you anywhere
I don't need love forget that stuff
You know that I don't care

I need a man …

I don't need a heartbreaker, fifty-faced trouble maker
Two timing time taker, dirty little money maker
Muscle bound cheapskate, low down woman hater
Triple crossing, double dater, yella bellied alligator


I need a man; leave me alone
I need a man; don't take me home
I need a man; baby you are just all the blonde

Hey boy c'mon
I'll take you anytime
Baby, baby, baby
Eurythmics I Need A Man
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