Industrial Music + Scifi/Fantasy: Apple Tree: Glitch Mob

By Xah Lee. Date:

13 min of electronic dance music (dubstep) made of ~700 clips of from 276 scifi/fantasy movies, each clip 1 second or so.

fantastic collage.

“The Apple Tree Feat. The Glitch Mob” (Khameleon808 )

The music is from The Glitch Mob.

Go to YouTube to see the list of movies used in order of appearance. The author also describes in detail the song names, software used. And the editing took ~200 hours! I can believe it!

Here's the list of movies, and number of clips used. (alphabetical)

for another cool dubstep remix, see Moonlight Sonata Dubstep

thanks to [Christine Paluch] for a correction on music genre detail.