YoungBloodZ ♪ Damn

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Damn! by YoungBloodZ is a gangster pop rap. Smooth rapping, soothing beat, and lyrics that's a satisfying for grammarians and moralists to chew.

YoungBloodZ ♪ Damn

YoungBloodZ - ft Lil Jon - Damn

Listen to the song. In particular, listen for accent, dig the slang, and chew on the culture.

"Damn!"(feat. Lil' Jon)
This Sean Paul, Lil Jon. J-Bo, YoungBloodZ
You already know how we do it homeboy
It's A-Town (105 Road for dem hoes)
It's A-Town (east side for dem hoes), Attic Crew you already know
Lil John, Eastside Boyz and yo boy Sean Paul let me tell ya like dis here boy(lets go)

[Sean Paul]
They callin' me to come back to the streets, Sean P. a.k.a Sharp Crease
Said it was necessary, these sucka niggaz out here very scary
They comin whole they livin' in the month of February
OK then put a sissy nigga on display then
Kick in tha door and have my folk dem bring dem K's in
I'm still Attic A-double T-I-C
It ain't a hoe out there fo real who don't know 'bout me
Bitch I'm fo sho wit it don't make me pop that trunk to the 'Lac
Bitch I will go get it and I ain't selfish I will let you and your hoe feel it
Won't catch me sippin' on no Cris and got a cold billy
It's YoungBloodZ A-Town malt liquor sippin', comin' straight from the gutter
Toe-tag a motherfucker, leave 'em under a cover
Lil John he drop the beat that make ya bounce like rubber
Sean Paul he tote the heat to make ya mug then slug ya yeah

[Hook: Lil' Jon]
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck
Don't start no shit, it won't be no shit
Don't start no shit, it won't be no shit
Don't start no shit, it won't be no shit
Don't start no shit, it won't be no shit

I post up get to it, drink hand in hand
They call me Mr. Herringbone cuz that's my right hand man
Old school straight foolish like no other indeed
With Lil John it's YoungBloodZ they crunk as can be
Attic Crew 105 that's if you lookin to rumble
Cock back bust aim now I done got yo number
In the club you gone feel it when it drop this summer
Like rain we gone pour and hit you hard like thunder
Cuz in the Dirty we dem boys that drank you under the table
Where dem niggaz pimp hoes in fly suits and gators
In my Chevy so super I'm the one to call
Just dial 1-800-430 slash ALCOHOL
And dawg I'm not the one that you really just wanna clown
I'm cool in my way, but shit still I shut 'em down
And piss on them haters J-Bo he cuts a fool
In the cut 'bout slizzard somewhere that's how we do

[Sean Paul]
Out of town hard heads get swiss cheesed up
And you gon' need more than stitches to patch that leak up
Chump like me up my mouth TB'd up
With the plush leather guts steady grippin' the butt
Oh you fo sho with it, then pull yo pistol
Show a nigga you ain't hoe with it
And I ain't selfish I will let you and your folk feel it
Talkin' big boy shit
Me muggin' like a motherfucker my hand on my dick

Cuz at a grip we keep it jumpin' like it ain't nuttin' new
We started off with Shake Em Off so look potna oh guess who
It's them boys from the bottom who took you down 85
And hit you with that U-Way so ROOKIE don't be surprised
We buckin' blowin' killa and sippin' on something good
I'm peepin' out the scenery and wishin' a nigga would
In case it just might pop I'm 'bout ready to lock and load
To take you thru the South to show you how we throw dem bows
Sean Paul Sean Paul and J-Bo are rap duo, forming the band YoungBloodZ. Lil Jon is a guest singer in this song.
dem hoes them whores.
Attic Crew The Attic may refer to Eddie's Attic, a music club in Decatur, Georgia.
Eastside Boyz seems to be a band or album associated with Lil Jon. Not sure what eastside boys refers to originally. Possibly East Coast blacks.
in the month of February ?
display ? what does this sentence refer to?
K's in K is AK-47, a sub-machine-gun.
fo for.
fo sho for sure.
wit with.
Cris Cristal, a brand name of Champagne. Cristal (wine)
cold billy Billy might be bong (water pipe for smoking cannabis)
Toe-tag A tag tied to toe, for purposes of identifying corpses. Toe tag
bounce like rubber probably means dropping dead.
crunk A style of music that originated from southern hip hop in the early 1990s, like this song. The word origin may be crazy+drunk. Crunk
fly suits expensive, gaudy, flashy 2-3 button suit.
gators alligator skin shoes
Chevy Chevolet, a brand of car popular with Blacks.
slizzard ?
potna partner.
85 Must be Interstate 985.
lock and load A military command to put a weapon's safety catch on, and load it with ammunition.
South The group is from Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia is one of the 7 or so states, that's most populated with blacks, all in the south east of US. See: Race Distribution in the USA.

The Amercian blacks accent typically drop consonants. In particular, in their lyrics, they emphasize it by changing the spelling. For example, in this particular song, we have:

thanks to JK for explaining some of the slang.