Censorship: Wikipedia, Vulva, and the Ass from Outer Space


I was browsing Wikipedia today on the article Clitoris, and notice that now it has a photo of vulva.

human vulva
Human vulva showing externally-visible features of the clitoris in relation to other components: 1. Clitoral hood (prepuce); 2. Clitoral glans; 3. Urethral orifice; 4. Vulval vestibule; 5. Labia minora; 6. Vaginal opening; 7. Labia majora (hair removed); 8. Perineum. image source

the Ass from Outer Space

In the past few years, such a photo wouldn't be included. I recall, on the page Buttocks, they have photos of it, one of male and one of female. The female photo is really beautiful, one of the best photography. However, the pussy part is edited out into ether. Here's the photo:

alien female ass
“alien ass” — A photo illustrating the female ass, as it appears on Wikipedia article Buttoks in 2008-01. image source

How idiotic is this? That photo appeared in Wikipedia for maybe close to a year. A photo illustrating the female ass, while not showing the “offensive part”, is really trivial to obtain today. Even if you cannot obtain a free one on the net that has one of the permissible licensing requirements by Wikipedia, you can simply not include such a misleading, bastardized photo. Do people really need a photo to know what ass looks like? Many other people see this too, and tried to fix or discuss about it in the page's discussion section. I myself have voiced my opinion there, once. (only once, because i'm tired of the army of Wikipedia hogging idiots and so-called admins 〔➤ Wikipedia ban on Editing Tibet〕 However, there are this bunch of moralists or US American idiots, who insist on putting back this photo. So the wiki fight went on for months, but eventually a un-manipulated photo of female buttocks have been uploaded and stayed. Thank Allah!

Wikipedia buttocks screenshot 2008-01-01
Wikipedia buttocks screenshot

When looking for this photo today for writing this article, i noticed that the photo for the female ass changed quite often thru the years. All beautiful! LOL.