Semen Nutrition: Health Benefits of Eating Cum

By Xah Lee. Date:

Reading Wikipedia article on Semen. I've read recently from news channels about how women who retain semen in their body have some health effects, which i'm rather doubtful… Because, first of all, news reports of science findings are usually out of context or not reliable. Readers cannot get a sense of the science's relative merit. Secondly, even if such research is well done, and suppose semen is indeed beneficial if women absorb it into their body (anal, vaginal, oral, or rub into skin), i doubt such health benefits is of any significance that warrant knowing by the consumers, especially when compared to other beneficial health practices. (It'd be very silly if you compare it to, for example, regular exercise, eating balanced diet, avoid sugar drinks, smoking, sufficient sleep. The “absorb semen” is still ridiculous if you compare to other lesser healthy life advices: take a break every 2 hours if you sit in office, take a daily nap, get a life style without much stress, etc.)

Anyhow, here's few interesting notes from Wikipedia, almost funny:

In addition to its central role in reproduction, various scientific findings indicate that semen has certain beneficial effects on human health, both proven benefits and possible benefits:

Other parts of that article is also interesting. The article is largely reliable, but many parts somewhat trivial, such as the health benefits above, as to make imbalanced impression.

Also of interest, that Wikipedia has these articles now:

Full fledged with references and citations. These articles used to be removed and placed back, on and off, in the past 3 or so years.