Porn Freedom; What Is Obscenity?


Am reading about John Stagliano today, the Buttman. I've watched lots of his movies, and i love them. Am a buttman too.

Reading his bio, quite interesting. Lol. He studied quite a few different areas while of college age. From my readings in the past decade on porn, it appears quite a few of these well known names are rather intelligent people. (see: Xah's Porn Outspeak.)

John was persecuted by US government in 2008 for trespassing some “obscenity” laws. Yeah, that happens now and then in the porn industry.

John produced this site to support porn freedom: Check it out. On the site there's quite a nice video of AVN award, which i've never seen the like. It features some dance performance, reminicent of Cirque du Soleil, but with bare ass and tits. Rare.

Also, Wikipedia notes that John contracted HIV in 1997. Ouch! But seems that medication has kept it down from turning into AIDS.

While browsing his site and reading Wikipedia, i learned about Max Hardcore, currently in prison serving 4 years, due to obscenity charges. What did he do? well, his porn vids portray underage girls. The porn actresses are over 18 on record, but they act as if under US legal age, with acts such as fisting, urination, vomiting. Yeah, i've seen these types of vids. Rather disgusting. Though, the US Government obscenity charges is quite fucked.

In the history of porn and law in the past 3 decades that i personally lived thru as a adult, there were quite a few of such cases. Typically, something is proclaimed to be blatantly obscene, arosed mass public anger, but a decade or 2 later, views changed, minds opened up, and what the jailed guy did is now commonly accepted and practiced.

There was the Larry Flynt (1978) with his Hustler mag, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund incident in comics publishing, (see: Notes on Comics) , … there was persecution of fucking in the ass, or oral sex, and i recall fisting videos were illegal… but today, you can watch fisting vids on the web all over, apparently no longer illegal. Oral sex is now sanctioned by law, and blatant engagement of ass fucking between persons who don't have vagina is now certifiable legal with government blessed rights in some states, called gay marriage. (See: Sodomy laws in US)

What a fucking moral show!

Is Fisting Video Legal in US?

For the answer, read the FAQ compiled during the 1990s from newsgroup rec.arts.movies.erotica. Here: Source

A illustration of a girl self-fisting follows. (warning: it's porn!)

girl self-fisting drawing
Fisting. Porn videos of fisting in USA was basically non-existent before the late 2000s, due to fear of obscenity charges. image source