Artworks on Love

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she cut thru my heart klamstwo
She Cuts thru My Heart by Joseph Wierenga [ ]
dancing dad, artwork
“Dancing Dad” by Alisa Baldwin.

This work is done by the artist for her dad's birthday. Note the exquisite body language, and the aging process from a baby to a mature woman.

Hermione of Harry Potter
Remus and Hermione of Harry Potter, by Lori Finnegan. (born 1982) † [image source]
Bewitched by lori finnegan
Bewitched, by Lori Finnegan. (born 1982) † [image source]
dating etiquette illus.
Illustration for “how long to stay on the phone when breaking up with someone.”†, for Time Out Chicago Magazine. 2006-01. By Cindy Tomczyk. (born 1982) [ ]
enemy friend
Title: “Kakampi-Katunggali” or, “Enemy Friend”. Acrylic on paper, teeny tiny (4″×6″). «It's about my relationship with my best friend, my sister :P “Sometimes I just wanna keeeeeeel her.....”». †

† Used with permission.