Computer Generated Art by Steven Stahlberg

By Xah Lee. Date:

Steven Stahlberg (~1960-).

This is a odd costume. On the surface, it has oriental flavor, in particular the girl's hairdo, the mahogany and gold color, the style of some of the embroidery. But look again, there's the garter belt, the rapier, the sleeves. The girl herself has a Eurasian look, but one eye blue and one brown (called Heterochromia iridium).
cat and mouse
“cat and mouse”.
one last time
“one last time”. I can imagine the girl cooing: “Nice snaky, nice snaky”.
A realization of a “monobike”. Although as a 3D rendering this is great, but the picture content lowers the overall art. Such a monobike is a product of unthoughtful science fantasy -- preposterous in the ergonomics department. Her neck would tire in a minute, her back aching, her thighs tire of hugging, her feet fall out, her tits squashed, eyes squashed by bugs, and she'd fly off wild.

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