lolita poster

By Xah Lee. Date: .
lolita poster cf6fd
lolita poster

Stanley Kubrick's Lolita. Buy at amazon

See also: Lana Del Rey ♪ Lolita

The craft of this poster, is called Communication Arts. It's a branch of visual art designed to convey a message, idea. Typically used in ads, posters, logos, conference posters, metro signs, etc, and in propaganda posters too.

Barack Obama Hope poster 5fa97
Barack Obama Hope poster 5fa97

Remember the Obama Hope poster? That's Communication Art.

There are coffee table books and journals on communication art. They are mostly very beautiful, and each conveys a message clearly. Typically, they are simple, clean lines.

here's a gander of Communication Arts, from web search. and, #xahwords of the day is: gander. Etymology is, male goose, then, craning one's neck like a goose (to look).

communication arts 2019-01-05 120b5
communication arts 2019-01-05

[etymology of gander]

you see that lolita poster? its meaning hits you, and you can never forget. That is, Communication Art.