kungfu. Bajiquan 八極拳

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virtua fighter akira-v5 a890f-s606x808
Character Akira, in video game Virtua Fighter V5. 八极拳. 据说是以爆发式出拳。

Bajiquan (Chinese: 八極拳; pinyin: Bājíquán) is a Chinese martial art that features explosive, short-range power and is famous for its elbow and shoulder strikes.[1] It originated in the Hebei Province in Northern China,[2][self-published source] but spread to Taiwan and other places. Its full name is kai men baji quan (開門八極拳), which means “open-gate eight-extremities fist”.

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八極拳與軍事系統聯繫緊密,由於拳法直接狠辣,殺傷力強,屢成為近代史上保護政要人物的「大內武術」。溥儀、蔣中正、毛澤東、蔣經國、李登輝等人的近身侍衛皆習八極。[1] 八極拳現在盛行於中國北方及台灣。後傳入日本、韓國及其他國家,如美國、加拿大、英國、法國、比利時、丹麥、義大利等地。

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好视频。 good video. The direction of chinese kungfu. (chinese only)


basically, chinese kungfu has been rotten for a hundred years. it lost practicality. but there's future. focus on real combat. e.g. MMA.