Interview with a Vampire, Lestat Sonata

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Oh, and I hope it's a, beautiful woman, with endowments, you'll never possess.

What is the piece Lestat was playing before Claudia lured him to drink the blood of dead twins?

Joseph Haydn's Sonata in E-flat Major, Hob.XVI:49, second movement (Adagio e cantabile)

“Interview With the Vampire” Lestat Playing Piano Interview With the Vampire
Joseph Haydn, Piano Sonata in E-flat Major (Hob. XVI/49, L.59), 1789. Second Movement. Played by Mary Lin. Jump to 3:14 to the Lestat section. Joseph Haydn, Piano Sonata 49
Interview with the Vampire - Lestat's Piano Sonata (performed by Connor Chee) Interview With the Vampire

What is the piece when Claudia was getting her piano lesson? (where the teacher hit her knuckle and then was killed by her. (48:15))

Antonio Soler (1729 to 1783), Sonata #90 in F sharp major. This is also the same piece in the next scene when Claudia plays for the family.


Soler Sonata No 90 in F-sharp major, on harpsichord. Soler Sonata No 90
Soler Sonata No 90 in F-sharp major. On piano. played by Margherita Torretta. Soler Sonata No 90

What are the two pieces when Claudia was performing for a family with Lestant watching, when Lestat told Claudia to play something somber? (continued as the funeral for the family.) (49:38)

What is the piece Claudia played when Louis said to free the birds? (just before Lestate came back for revenge)

Harpsichord and Harp Concerto in B-flat by George Frederick Handel. (not confirmed)