US Flag Fashion

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«Sequin & Crocheted American Flag Skirt».
model in flag dress
A lass in a beautiful body-clinging dress with flag tops over the neck. (from web 2004-07, source unknown.)
model in flag swimwear
A girl in star-spangled kneepads, bikini-sweats, with a clinging halter-top that says WHITE HOUSE INTERN, propped on a sofa with her white long red-heeled legs exhibited on a tea stand, holding a big cigar with mouth agape, unfazed. Apparently waiting to work with our prodigious president Bill Clinton. (Photos from the web, source unknown, 2004-07.)

model in flag bikini model in US flag tights
I think the above girls are celebrities. If you know who they are, please comment or email. Thanks.
girl in see-thru US flag shirt
Girls in US flag swimwear. Photo from web, 2005, source unknown.
model in American flag boots
Beautiful star boots. (who's she?)

More starry celebrities of lesser quality photos from the web:

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If you know who they are, comment pleas. Thanks.

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