Art of Trevor Brown

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Trevor Brown is a English artist. His works are controversial. The subject matter are often young girls and morbidness. Not for the faint of heart.

The following are some of my favorites.

alice looking glass trevor brown
Trevor Brown's cover illustration of Alice. Buy at amazon † (Note: the only Trevor Brown artwork in that book is the cover.)

Trevor released a new book of Alice artworks in 2010. See: Trevor Brown's Alice (Artwork)

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girl sucking lollipop
From his Sinister Innocence postcard set, 1996. Such a sweet pretty young girl, made herself into such a gruesome appearance. Death impinging the moralists.

My Alphabet Buy at amazon is a collection of images by Trevor. Each page is a letter with a illustration. A theme of children but not for children. This is also my favorite. This book is constantly sold out. You might check on, or Trevor's site (link at bottom). Trevor's work has become collectibles.

hurman rocking horse
Horsey. From his Black Box postcard set. Late 1990 i think.
conjoined twin
Cover artwork for Panik magazine.
human furniture
A human furniture. From the BDSM magazine «O», around early 1990s. 774×1453 (See also: Human Furniture in Movie: a Clockwork Orange. )
waif servant
From his Temple Of Blasphemy backcover. This is probably the best one from that collection. The other artworks in there are rather different.

Around 2001, i bought 3 of his works: The Black Box (a postcard set of 13), and Temple of Blasphemy (book), and Rope, Rapture, and Bloodshed (book). I like the Black Box very much, however, i do not like the other two.

Temple of Blasphemy is a black and white collection of his early artworks.

Rope, Rapture and Bloodshed is a combo of art collection of Trevor Brown and Antoine Bernhart. Trevor's section are colored illustration of Japanese woman roped in Japanese bondage art. Among Trevor's arts, this is less creative. Japanese bondage art videos or photo abound. The art by Antoine Bernhart takes the stage here. Eerie paintings of Rapture and Bloodshed. For Antoine's cover, there's this hara-kiri by a woman. That one is representative in style, but not content. His other ones are surreal and blood sex frenzy.

In the social network, Trevor Brown has a fan club: since about 2005. As of 2007-09, there are 1400 members. Some 80% or 90% are nubile female.

You can buy Trevor's artwork directly from his site at a usually lower price. Official Trevor Brown website is at:

2022-01-26 addendum: Trevor new site

† Used with permission.